Scheduling Participant Invitations in Alooba

In the world of talent acquisition and management, timing is everything. Alooba understands this sentiment, and that’s why we've designed a robust and intuitive system to help you schedule participant invitations with precision. Whether you're accommodating various time zones or just ensuring your participants get the invitation at the most convenient time, Alooba has got you covered.

Scheduling an Invitation

Scheduling invitations can be done for inviting individual participants, as well as bulk importing of participants.

Access the Invite Modal

Navigate to any Alooba dashboard and open the invite participant modal or import participant page.

The invite candidate modal

Define the Invitation Date

Click on the "Add invitation date" button. This will allow you to choose both the date and the specific time of day when the invitation should be sent out.

Adding an invitation date from the candidate invite modal

Set the Expiry

By default, the invitations will expire after the number of days specified as the "Days to complete" in the assessment configuration from when they are invited. To overwrite the invitation expiration, click on the "Add Expiration Date" button to determine the date and time when the invitation will no longer be valid.

Choose the Timezone

By default, the system will pre-select your time zone. The timezone here is just used for setting the invitation and expiration dates. Changing the timezone here may make it easier to schedule at a specific local time. For example, if you're based in San Fransisco, but you're sourcing candidates in London, and want the invitations to go out on Monday at 9am London time, you can select the Europe/London timezone, and select 9am for the schedule.

Selecting the timezone

Send the Invitation

With all the details set, you can send the invitation with confidence, knowing it will reach your participant at the desired time. The timeline will show the scheduled invitation time along with when each of the reminders will go out and when the invitation will expire.

Note: The invitation date must be either the present or a future date, and the expiration date should be at least 24 hours from the invitation date.

Notifications & Reminders

Once an invitation is scheduled, Alooba ensures your participants are reminded of their commitments. A reminder and a final reminder email are automatically dispatched. And if a phone number for the participant is available, SMS reminders are sent as well. These automated reminders increase the likelihood of participation, ensuring your process runs smoothly.

Managing and Rescheduling Invitations

You can view and manage all scheduled invitations in the "Manage Participants" tab on the assessment page. While cancellations or rescheduling the invitations aren't currently possible, it is possible to easily update an invitation expiration. The participant will then receive an email notification informing them of the extension.


Scheduling participant invitations in Alooba is straightforward and effective. With the ability to specify exact dates, times, and timezones, you can ensure that your participants receive their invitations at the most opportune moments. With the automated reminders in place, Alooba takes one more task off your plate, letting you focus on what you do best – selecting and nurturing talent.

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