Extend Participant Assessment Expiry


Alooba's platform offers the ability to extend the expiry of participant assessments, ensuring a smooth and inclusive assessment process for all participants, and allows flexibility in completion timelines. A participant assessment expiry refers to the deadline by which participants need to complete their assessments. This article clarifies what the participant assessment expiry is, shows step-by-step instructions to extend expiry dates, explores reasons for extensions, and highlights important considerations.

What is Participant Assessment Expiry?

Participant assessment expiry is the deadline given to participants to complete their assessments. Assessments typically have an expiry date to encourage timely completion and create a sense of urgency for participants. The expiry is set to instill a prompt response, but extensions can be granted when necessary.

How is the expiry date specified for each participant? The expiry date is set for X days from the time the invitation is sent at. That X is set using the Days to Complete option in the Assessment Settings. Refer to our article on Assessment Settings to learn more about setting the Days to Complete parameter for assessments.

Alternatively, the expiration date can be customized to a specific date and time during the individual or bulk invitation of participants. This is how it looks while inviting an individual candidate:

Customizing the expiration date while manually inviting a candidate

However, it's important to note that in Alooba's platform, there is an option to enable the Soft Expiration Date. The Soft Expiration Date feature adjusts the actual expiry date to 30 days after the one communicated to participants. This means that while the initial expiry date creates a sense of urgency, participants have an extended period of 30 days to complete the assessment.

Enabling the Soft Expiration Date strikes a balance between creating urgency and providing participants with ample time to complete the assessment. It ensures a fair and flexible evaluation process while maintaining a sense of urgency for participants. To understand more about the Soft Expiration Date and its effects, please take a look at our article on Assessment Settings.

Reasons for Extending Assessment Expiry

Extending the expiry of assessments can be necessary for several reasons. Each candidate will have their own personal circumstances for requesting an extension. Some of them may include:

  • May not have the spare time to complete the assessment within the given period.
  • Misunderstanding the communicated expiry date due to different time zones.
  • May experience a personal emergency, or technical issues preventing them from being able to take the assessment.

Granting an extension generally doesn't provide any unfair advantage, and at the end of the day, you don't want to exclude participants based on these circumstances. Therefore extending the assessment expiry provides a fair and flexible solution.

Sometimes it's useful to consider the following question: Do you need participants to complete the assessment within the given timeframe? If the answer is "not really," granting extensions may be suitable for your assessment process.

How to Extend the Expiry of Assessments

To extend the expiry of assessments, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Extension dialog: Access the Candidate/Participant Details page for the desired participant. Look for the Extend Expiry Date icon button at the upper right corner and click on it.

    Extend Expiry Date button on the Participant Details page


    Access the Assessment page and navigate to the Manage Candidates/Participants tab.

    Manage Candidates/Participants tab on the Assessment page

    Search for the desired participant, and click on the More Details button on the right. Then, select the Extend Invitation Expiry option from the menu.

    More Details button in the Manage Participant/Candidate tab or on the Candidates/Employees page


    Access the Candidates/Employees page, and choose the Extend Invitation Expiry option from the More Details button of the desired participant.

  2. New Expiry Date and Time: Choose the new expiry date and time that suits your requirements.

    Assessment expiry date extension dialog

    Note: When selecting the new expiry date and time, ensure that it is at least 24 hours later than both the time of issuing the extension and the old expiry date. This restriction ensures a reasonable time frame for participants while maintaining fairness and consistency.

    New expiry date restriction

  3. Confirm the Assessment Extension: Once you have chosen the new expiry date and time, click on the confirmation button to send the assessment extension. This action updates the participant's assessment invitation with the new timeline.

    New expiry date confirmation

Participant Experience

Assessment Expiry

When a participant's assessment expires, an automated Expiration Notification email is sent to them. This notification serves as a reminder that the assessment deadline has passed. Additionally, participants are asked for feedback regarding their experience with the assessment.

The Expiration Notification email prompts participants to provide their valuable feedback and insights. It serves as an opportunity for them to share their thoughts and impressions, contributing to the continuous improvement of the assessment process.

Email notification for the participant that the assessment has expired

Extension Notification

Participants can reach out to recruiters or administrators via email to inquire about extending their deadline. Recruiters and administrators can then review the request and, if appropriate, grant an extension based on the specific circumstances.

After extending the assessment expiry, participants will be notified via email about the changes to the assessment invitation timeline. The email will include the new date and time. Additionally, it will provide participants with a reminder of the details of the tests they are to attempt, ensuring clarity and readiness.

Email notification for the participant that the assessment deadline has been extended

Implications and Considerations

When extending the assessment expiry, consider the following implications:

  • Completed Assessments: Once a participant has completed an assessment, the expiry date can no longer be extended, as there is no need to give them time since they have already completed it.
  • Soft Expiration Date: If the Soft Expiration Date option is enabled for the assessment, it will apply to the new expiry date. This means that while the new expiry date is extended, the actual deadline for completing the assessment will be 30 days after the new expiry date.
  • Assessment Status: When extending the expiry date of an expired assessment, the status of the assessment will change to Incomplete if at least one of the tests has been already attempted; otherwise, it will change back to Invited.


Extending the expiry of assessments in Alooba's platform provides flexibility and ensures a fair assessment process. By following the provided instructions, recruiters and administrators can easily adjust timelines and accommodate participants, fostering a positive participant experience. Our platform's user-friendly features and clear communication options enable seamless management of assessment expiry.

That's it! You now have the necessary steps to extend the expiry of assessments within Alooba's platform. If you have any further questions or need assistance, please contact our support team.

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