Creating an Assessment From a Template

Welcome to Alooba, where we're dedicated to streamlining your evaluation processes. To achieve this goal, we have made creating assessments extremely easy with Assessment Templates.

Assessment Templates are pre-built assessments, specially curated to align with specific job roles and skills. With our extensive collection of templates, you can save time and effort, while maintaining assessment quality and accuracy. Say goodbye to creating assessments from scratch and say hello to an efficient and effective evaluation process.

In this support article, we'll walk you through the benefits of using Assessment Templates and guide you on how to easily create assessments that cater to your needs. Let's dive in and discover how Alooba's Assessment Templates can speed up your evaluation process.

What are Assessment Templates?

Assessment templates are pre-built assessments that come pre-configured with all the necessary settings. They allow you to create new assessments effortlessly, bypassing the process of manually configuring each setting, test, and question. Essentially, assessment templates save you time and effort by providing a ready-to-use assessment structure. Alooba comes with many predefined assessments coving a large array of roles and usages that are ready to use. However, if you have some specific requirements and want to define your own templates we also have custom templates that allow you to create your own specialized templates for use within your organization. To learn more about creating your own templates, you can refer to Simplifying Assessment Creation with Custom Templates.

Why use Assessment Templates?

  1. Time-Saving: With Alooba's extensive collection of role-based screening quizzes and assessment templates, you no longer need to start from scratch every time you create an assessment. Templates eliminate the need to individually configure settings, tests, and questions, streamlining the entire process.
  2. Enhanced Quality: Alooba's assessment templates are designed by experts, ensuring that they are comprehensive and aligned with industry standards. You can trust the content to effectively evaluate participants for specific job roles and skills.
  3. Flexible: While assessment templates offer a quick starting point, you retain the flexibility to customize them according to your unique requirements. You can add, remove, or modify questions and tests to tailor the assessment to your organization's needs

How to Create an Assessment from a Template

  1. Navigate to the Create Assessment Page: From any of the main assessment listing pages click the Create Assessment button located at the top right, just above the list of assessments.

    The "+ Create Assessment" button
  2. Choose a Template: On the Create Assessment page, you will see a list of available templates. Browse through the templates or use the search feature to find the one that best matches your evaluation requirements. Once you've found the template you want to use, click the Create button next to it. A dialog box will appear, prompting you to provide specific details for the assessment.

    Browsing the Assessment Templates
  3. Customize Assessment Details
    • Assessment Name: Choose a descriptive name for your assessment.
    • Location: Specify the location relevant to the role, for remote roles use the location you will be mainly targeting candidates from.
    • Role Title: Indicate the job role or position that the assessment is targeting.
    • Managed By Group: Select the group responsible for managing this assessment.

      Note: All fields, except Location, come with default and prefilled values.

      Dialog for customizing assessment details after choosing an assessment template
  4. Create: Click Create to generate the assessment. Congratulations! Your assessment has been successfully created. You will be automatically directed to the Assessment Overview page.
Overview page of the created assessment

Note: to know more about how to customize and modify the details (e.g., tests, questions) assessments, you can refer to General Assessment Creation and Customization.


Alooba's assessment templates offer a convenient and efficient way to create participant evaluations tailored to specific job roles and skills. By using these pre-built templates, you save time and maintain high assessment quality. With the flexibility to customize templates, you can craft assessments that perfectly align with your organization's evaluation requirements. Streamline your evaluation process by leveraging the power of Alooba's assessment templates.

Should you have any further questions or need assistance, our support team is always ready to help.

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