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Alooba is a skills assessment platform specifically designed for data roles, helping you to quickly and fairly identify top candidates. By leveraging customizable assessments and a variety of test types, Alooba allows you to replace traditional, often inaccurate and biased, CV screening with tailored skills assessments. These assessments can be used as a screening tool at the beginning of your hiring process or for more in-depth evaluations later in the process.

This page is designed to guide you through the process of integrating Alooba with SmartRecruiters. This integration enables a seamless connection between the two platforms, allowing you to invite candidates to Alooba assessments directly from SmartRecruiters, and effectively streamlines your hiring process.

Table of Contents

  1. Prerequisites for Integration
  2. Enabling the Integration
  3. Adding an Alooba Screening Assessment to the Start of Your Hiring Process
  4. Adding an In-Depth Alooba Assessment as a Step In Your Hiring Process
  5. Accessing Candidate Assessment Results
  6. Filtering Candidates Based on Assessment Results
  7. Troubleshooting and FAQs

Prerequisites for Integration

Before integrating SmartRecruiters with Alooba, please ensure the following requirements are met:

  • The person enabling the integration has Admin access to SmartRecruiters and either Owner or Admin access to Alooba.
  • Anyone configuring the SmartRecruiters hiring processes to include Alooba assessments and inviting candidates to assessments must have a registered user in Alooba with the same email address as their SmartRecruiters account.

Enabling the Integration

To enable the integration between Alooba and SmartRecruiters, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your SmartRecruiters account and navigate to the Settings / Admin page.

  1. Click on Apps & Integrations.

  1. Find and select Alooba in the list of integrations.

  1. Click Connect

  1. You will be presented with a list of the permissions required by our platform to process the assessments. After reviewing it, click Allow and continue.

  1. Authorize SmartRecruiters access to your Alooba assessments by clicking Authorize Integration.

It’s done! Your SmartRecruiters and Alooba accounts are now connected.

Adding an Alooba Screening Assessment to the Start of Your Hiring Process

To add an Alooba screening assessment to the start of your hiring process in SmartRecruiters:

  1. Create or choose an assessment in Alooba tailored to your role.
  2. In SmartRecruiters, navigate to the Hiring Process section (Settings / Admin > Hiring Process).
  3. Click NEW for the relevant hiring process, and then click Assessments.

  1. Click CONFIGURE to see a list of available Alooba assessments.

You will then be able to select which existing Alooba assessment you would like to include in the current hiring process.

  1. Select the check box next to the assessment to be used, then click SAVE.
  1. At this point the assessment will be included in the hiring process, however, to avoid having to manually trigger the sending of the assessment invitations, and to ensure candidates will receive the invitation at the time they are still actively engaging with your job, we strongly recommend enabling the AUTO-TRIGGERED flag. Do this by clicking the toggle next to the assessment name.

That’s it, now whenever a candidate applies to any job configured to use that hiring process, they will immediately receive an assessment invitation from Alooba.

Adding an In-Depth Alooba Assessment as a Step In Your Hiring Process

To add an in-depth Alooba assessment further down the hiring process:

  1. In SmartRecruiters, navigate to the Hiring Process section (Settings / Admin > Hiring Process).
  2. Click Edit on the hiring process.

  1. Click Add Step in either the In-Review or Interview stage depending on where you want to include the assessment in your process.
  2. Select either SKILLS TEST or TEST ASSIGNMENT.

  1. Click Save.
  2. Click on the new SKILLS TEST or TEST ASSIGNMENT, and select Assessments.

  1. Click CONFIGURE to see a list of available Alooba assessments.
  2. Select the check box next to the assessment to be used, then click SAVE.
  3. Click on the AUTO-TRIGGERED toggle if you want the assessment to be automatically triggered when a candidate reaches that step in the hiring process.

Accessing Candidate Assessment Results

Once the above steps have been followed, when a candidate in invited to an Alooba assessment, you will see the assessment mentioned in the Assessments section on the right of the candidate’s SmartRecruiter’s profile.

Note, if the dot next to the assessment name is gray, it signifies that the candidate hasn’t taken the assessment yet.

Once the candidate has begun the assessment the dot will change to amber, and once they have completed all parts of the assessment it will be shown as green, as well as containing more information about the assessment.

The first score shown is the candidate's overall score across all tests included in the assessment, then there’s a breakdown of their score for each of the tests. Next to the scores, there is a paperclip icon. Clicking on the paperclip icon will open the full report of the candidate results within Alooba.

Filtering Candidates Based on Assessment Results

After candidates have completed their Alooba assessments, you can easily filter them based on their assessment results in SmartRecruiters. This will help you identify the highest-performing candidates and move them forward in the hiring process.

  1. Navigate to the people tab of the job’s page.
  2. Scroll down to the Assessment results section.
  3. Select Alooba, then select the assessment.
  4. You can then drag the min score indicator to the desired cut-off.

  1. The candidate list will now only show candidates that have completed the Alooba assessment and scored between the min and max thresholds set in the filter.

Troubleshooting and FAQs

Q: I am unable to see the list of Alooba assessments within SmartRecruiters. What should I do?

A: Ensure that the user attempting to configure the hiring process in SmartRecruiters has a registered user account in Alooba. The email address used in SmartRecruiters must be the same as the email address used in Alooba. If the email addresses do not match, the SmartRecruiters user will not have access to the appropriate Alooba assessments.

If you see an error message in SmartRecruiters stating, "An error occurred while fetching one or more packages from vendor(s): Alooba” it is likely that your SmartRecruiters account email address does not match an existing Alooba account email address. To resolve this issue, please create a new Alooba account using the same email address as your SmartRecruiters account.

If you are still experiencing issues after verifying the email addresses, please contact our support team for further assistance.

Q: Can I use multiple Alooba assessments within the same hiring process?

A: Yes, you can use multiple Alooba assessments at different stages of your hiring process. For example, you can add a screening assessment at the beginning of the process and then add more in-depth assessments at later stages. To do this, simply follow the steps provided in sections 3 and 4 of this support page.

Q: How do I disable the Alooba integration if I no longer want to use it?

A: To disable the Alooba integration, navigate to the Settings / Admin page in SmartRecruiters, select Apps & Integrations, find Alooba in the list, and click the Disconnect button. Please note that disabling the integration will remove the ability to add or access Alooba assessments within SmartRecruiters.

Q: How long does it take for candidate assessment results to appear in SmartRecruiters after they complete an assessment in Alooba?

A: Assessment results should appear in SmartRecruiters almost immediately after a candidate completes an assessment in Alooba. However, you may need to refresh the candidate's profile page in SmartRecruiters to see them. If you do not see the results within a few minutes, please verify they have completed the assessment by clicking through to the candidate’s Alooba results. If the results still do not appear, please contact our support team for assistance.

If you encounter issues or have any other questions about the integration, Contact Alooba.

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